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YieldOnGreen the Best Shapewear Wholesale Source
We are your for body-shapers, Girdles, Corsets, waist cinchers, and shapewear items in general. New products are constantly added, so check back often. Our are Butt Lift, Postpartum, Waist Cincher, Body Control, Posture Corrector, and Plus Size. We strive to make your ordering experience as easy as possible and we are sure you will find our site . However, if you rather email your custom Purchase Order form we will be pleased to . We've been in the for over 5 years and we are always finding new ways to make your buying experience easier based on user feedback.
Why Choose Us for your Shapewear Retail?
Premium Quality We only offer the best quality body-shapers from Co'coon the leading brand that you trust.
Complete Selection We carry a wide variety of shapewear inventory for fast delivery.
100% Secure Ordering provides the highest level of security backed by Authorized.Net and PayPal payment service.
Solid History We have been making customers happy since 2007.
Easy Ordering Our product category pages are easy to navigate and the individual product pages are full of detailed samples.
Order online or by email 24/7.
Ordering Co'coon Shapewear Simplified Co'coon Shapewear. Registration is quick, easy and free at Once you have registered as a seller, you gain access to seller resources, like images, product description, pricing, catalog, etc. And with your first order, wholesalers are automatically entitled to a pre-loaded with the entire Co'coon Shapewear Collection. Tax ID or business license are not required or mandatory to market our products. as possible for you to order at wholesale prices without any extra red tape or headaches. Simply browse the wholesale (Whsle) Department pertaining to your seller program:Dropshipping Dept, Basic Whsle Dept, Semi Whsle Dept, or Whsle Dept. When you get to a specific product page, choose the color and size and click the Add to Cart button.
Reseller Programs and Account Setup
YieldOnGreen offers the following reseller programs: Basic-Wholesale, Semi-wholesale, Wholesale, and Dropshipping. to gain the corresponding wholesale price. Except for Dropshipping resellers (*) who are required to place a one-time (first) order of 10 or more items and NO MINIMUM will be required on subsequent orders, as long as a minimum 10-unit average is purchased monthly.
BASIC-WHOLESALE 25 Basic Whsle Dept
SEMI-WHOLESALE 50 Semi Whsle Dept
WHOLESALE 100 Whsle Dept
DROPSHIPPING 10* Dropshipping Dept
Resellers must complete the Registration Form before placing an order. Once the Registration Form is posted (filed) one of our agents will initiate the setup process of your account. After a few hours an Account Approval Notice will be submitted to your email including the account User ID and Password.
Placing an Order
  • Use your password to login in your YieldOnGreen account and our system will automatically recognize your seller program and applied the respective wholesale discount once you order the minimum quantity required by your seller program.
  • Online Order: You can start adding products to the cart. You won't notice any price adjustment until you complete the program's minimum quantity per order. When all of the items are added to the cart, select your payment method and click the checkout button.
  • Email Order: You can also email your own Purchase Order form. One of our sale agents will process and invoice your order. Thereafter, the purchasing documents will be sent to your email for your approval and payment.
  • Secure Payment: On YieldOnGreen you can make payments safely and easily via PayPal or Authorize.Net. We accept eCheck and most popular Credit & Debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If you rather mail a payment, we accept cashier's checks and Postal money orders.

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